Our vision is simple. We want to provide you with a one-stop solution to invest your excess cash and reserve funds in a way that both complies with individual investment policies and aligns with your values.

What are IMPACT GICs?  

We have partnered with credit unions across Canada to offer IMPACT GICs, exclusive to the Cash Management Group at Canaccord Genuity. We have consulted with municipalities and institutional investors across Canada, finding that many have identified with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, we built a product enabling these institutions to align their values with the SDGs. IMPACT GICs are a type of socially responsible investment also known as a SRI GIC. 

IMPACT GICs go through both positive and negative screening to ensure funds are lent out in a sustainable way. Negative screening encompasses 10 categories in activities that must be avoided such as fossil fuels, fast fashion, and institutions with poor human rights as examples. Equally, there is positive screening meaning that funds are loaned out in a sustainable way to meet, at minimum 1 of the 17 SDGs.

With transparent use of proceeds guidelines and input from our third-party consultant Rhiza Capital, investors can be certain that their deposits are producing positive returns while supporting socially responsible investment goals. Rhiza Capital is a market-leading consultant firm passionate about supporting impactful investing and will confirm IMPACT GIC loan activity and provide quarterly reports to investors.

Participating IMPACT GIC credit unions:

Other Socially Responsible Investment Initiatives:

Our SRI Strategy includes three investment components, all of which can be tailored to our client's needs. In addition to IMPACT GICs, this includes:

1. Green Bonds - Bonds which are designated to encourage sustainability and to support climate-related or other types of special environmental projects. 

2. Indigenous Financial Institutions - Canada's two largest Indigenous financial institutions, First Nations Bank and Peace Hills Trust, have partnered with Canaccord Genuity to provide our clients with a full suite of investment options. 

Contact us for our IMPACT GIC Term Sheet or more information on SRI Strategy.

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